Your small business bookkeeper

Words we live by. Concepts that breathe life into everything that we do.

To us they are more than a slogan, they mean that we are committed to being the most reliable and ethically principled Bookkeeper service possible while remaining intensely focused upon your every need.

We will strive every day to outperform your expectations in the course of delivering stellar bookkeeping services to your company.

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Making bookkeeping simple

"...very pleasant and easy to work with."

"…When yearly audits were done, the CPA firms always commented on how excellent our books were and how easy it made their job."

"Not a single complaint from our customers..."

Experience, Drive

25 Years of in the trenches experience has given the company's founder, Darci Duker the edge she needs to take on any challenges you may be facing.

With the tools and knowledge she puts into Duker Books, Small business owners like you can get control of their finances quickly and accurately and change their focus from merely staying in business to growing and building a prosperous future.

Darci can Help you!

If you have ever been disappointed by either the skills, performance or integrity of your past bookkeepers then let me show you how a bookkeeper can truly exceed your expectations.

I specialize in cleaning up all sorts of situations and know how difficult it can be to find someone that you can trust and depend on.

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